Stanley Chung

Contact Information
Department of Chemical Engineering
313 Snell Engineering Center
Northeastern University, Boston, MA 02115 [at]

Degree Objective: Ph.D. Chemical Engineering
Hometown: CA
Prior Degrees: B.Sc. Chemical Engineering, M.Sc. Chemical Engineering
Undergraduate Institution: Johns Hopkins University


Stanley grew up in Hong Kong and moved to California when he was 8. His interest in biomedical engineering started in high school after his numerous knee injuries, because he wanted to develop better ways of regenerating tissues for surgeries. He discovered his passion for biomedical research at Johns Hopkins (BS ChemBE 2011/MS ChemBE 2012) where he conducted research in Professor Betenbaugh’s lab to increase membrane protein production in mammalian cells using cellular engineering. Stanley then moved to Boston to work at a biotech startup before deciding to return to school to pursue a PhD in Chemical Engineering at Northeastern University. In his free time away from lab, Stanley likes to try out new foods and travel. When the sun finally comes out, Stanley will be found outside playing all sorts of sports.


Stanley is interested in investigating the numerous cell signalling properties of the human mesenchymal stem cells. In addition to its stemness properties, mesenchymal stem cells have been found to possess a number of properties beneficial to wound healing such as recruiting trophic factors, increasing secretion of immunosuppressants and anti-microbial peptides, and increasing angiogenesis. Stanley wants to better understand these properties and is studying these properties using electrospun scaffolds to better mimic the native environment. At the moment, Stanley is using silk, a natural protein found to have good skin healing properties. By introducing the hMSCs on the silk scaffold, Stanley hopes to create a cell-based skin patch.