Benjamin Geilich’s Research Cited in SFB’s Top 5 Biomaterials Trends in 2016

Technological advances in medicine are off the charts. Even President Barack Obama threw out a “moonshot” when he called for researchers to cure cancer...

Dr. Webster Featured in Healthline News for Expertise on Chipotle Norovirus

In the article “Chipotle Outbreak Highlights How Easily Norovirus Can Spread” on healthline.com, Thomas Webster, Professor and Department Chair, Chemical Engineering and Art Zafiropoulo...

Northeastern Launches Nanomedicine Academy

Drug-​​delivery sys­tems so small they are invis­ible to the eye. Gauze laden with par­ti­cles that hasten blood clot­ting. New syn­thetic vaccines. Those are just...

Dr. Webster Interviewed for Recent Chipotle Outbreak

ChE Professor & Chair Thomas Webster was recently interviewed by Boston.com, WBUR, and the TODAY show about the recent norovirus outbreak linked to a...

Benjamin Geilich Wins Bionanotechnology Award at AIChE

Ben won first place in the Bionanotechnology Graduate Student Award competition at the 2015 AIChE Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City, UT for his...

Michelle Stolzoff Wins Award From Women’s Initiative Committee of AIChE

Michelle recently won a travel award from the Women’s Initiative Committee of AIChE. She was one of fourteen awardees this year at the conference...

Dr. Webster Receives Zhejiang Award from China

ChE Professor Thomas J. Webster received the Zheijang Award from China to support international research collaborations on new biomaterials for cancer diagnosis and treatment...

Dr. Webster Appointed Overseas Director of New China Orthopedic Research Center

Professor Thomas J. Webster (Art Zafiropoulo Chair and Professor of Chemical Engineering) was just appointed the Overseas Director of a new International Research Center...

Ece Alpaslan Wins Poster Award at ITNano 2015

Ece Alpaslan won an award for her poster entitled “Potential of cerium oxide nanoparticles as reactive oxygen scavengers” at the ITNano 2015 Conference in Montenegro.

Partnering in Picotechnology

North­eastern Uni­ver­sity and Wen­zhou Med­ical Uni­ver­sity in China have part­nered to com­bine their exper­tise in nan­otech­nology and med­i­cine, respec­tively, to col­lab­o­rate on research focusing...