Contact Information

Ph.D. at Analytical Chemistry

Postdoctoral at Chemical Engineering

Home Town:   Nahavand / Iran

Email:  kamran.jahangirian@gmail.com , kamran.jahangirian@yahoo.com

Website:   www.jahangirian.com


Dr. Kamran (Hossein Jahangirian) currently joins as an exchange scientist to NEU, our laboratory.

He received his Ph.D. in analytical chemistry and postdoctoral in chemical engineering (Nanocomposites).

He has more than 20 years of experience to execute R&D and multidisciplinary projects, synthesis, formulation and production of organic and inorganic compounds such as oleo chemical compounds & biodiesel, water treatment compounds, antimicrobial agents, pesticides & insecticides, cosmetic product, pigments & paint, organometallic complexes, fertilizers, mineral salts and sulfuric and phosphoric acids.

He has remarkable experiences in commercializing the projects and scaling up the chemical synthesis from laboratory scale to pilot plant and industrial scale. Moreover he can professionally design the sulfuric acid plant (50 to 150 MT/DAY), design the chemical production lines such as mineral salts, fertilizer and water treatment compounds (50-150 MT/Day)

He is one of the founders of two factories, sulfuric acid plant (60 MT/DAY), fertilizer and water treatment compounds producer (100 MT/DAY) that have been running for 15 years.

The products that he has made as new innovation and special fertilizer, have been presented in more than 10 annual agriculture exhibition and they have been used by farmers for more than 15 years.

While working in Chemical industries, he has run his organizations as Managing director, Factory manager, Technical manager and R&D manager. He has professional experiences at managing and executing multi engineering projects and perfectly lead multi-functional teams to foundation organizations and chemical production lines designing because he is familiar enough to general information about mechanical, electrical, electronical, civil and environmental engineering and also factory utility for matching to chemical engineering in chemical industries.


His current research topic is “Synthesis of metal oxides or metal salts/zeolite nanocomposite such as Fe3O4 / Zeolite,  Fe2O3 / Zeolite,  FeO / Zeolite ,Cu(OH)2 / Zeolite,  Cu2(OH)3Cl / Zeolite ”. The mentioned nanocomposites are applied in chemical, cosmetic and agriculture industries as heterogeneous catalyst for biodiesel, antimicrobial & antifungal agent, biosensor and smart fertilizer.