First International Translational Nanomedicine Conference Hosted at NEU

Each year, nearly $18 bil­lion is spent on nanomed­i­cine research. But since the field’s incep­tion more than a decade ago, little of that research, though promising, has been suc­cess­fully trans­lated into com­mer­cial products.

Last weekend, more than 150 stu­dents, researchers, and industry experts from around the world con­vened to dis­cuss the chal­lenges accounting for this fact, strate­gies for over­coming it, and a few suc­cess sto­ries. The first annual Inter­na­tional Trans­la­tional Nanomed­i­cine Con­fer­ence was hosted by North­eastern and spon­sored by the Inter­na­tional Journal of Nanomed­i­cine. Plans are underway for the second annual con­fer­ence, which would be held at North­eastern next summer…

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The Webster Lab was hard at work presenting their latest and greatest achievements!