Di Shi

Contact Information
Department of Pharmaceutical Science
313 Snell Engineering Center
Northeastern University, Boston, MA 02115
shi.di [at] husky.neu.edu

Degree Objective: M.Sc. Pharmaceutical Science
Hometown: China
Prior Degrees: B.Sc. Marine Pharmacy
Undergraduate Institution: China Pharmaceutical University



Di Shi is a doctoral student in Dr. Thomas J. Webster’s Nanomedicine lab at Northeastern University. Her research focuses on functionalizing ferri-liposomes for both glioma-targeted drug delivery and anti-microbial infections. Di Shi graduated with a Master’s Degree from Pharmaceutical Sciences department at Northeastern University and obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in China Pharmaceutical University in Nanjing.


Currently, targeting of malignant brain tumors and the delivery of therapeutic agents into the brain remains a big obstacle because of the existence of the blood-brain barrier and the difficulties in finding suitable candidates for specific tumor locating. To address this, superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticle (SPIONs) loaded thermosensitive liposomes were developed for better BBB penetration and selective targeting of the brain glioma under mild hyperthermia conditions introduced by an alternating magnetic field (UPT-n2 system, Ultraflex Power Technologies, NY). Based on the drug release results and BBB penetration results, this thermosensitive nanocarrier is suggested to be a good candidate for glioma drug delivery.